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Five Nights at Archie's (locked: OP uses alts to report feedback they don't like, so loses posting privileges)

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Posted (edited)

Good day fellow Doomers.


This is the first map I ever made. I basically learned, sometimes frustratingly, all the skills I have up till now along the way. There are still a lot of mumbo jumbo Doom hackerman things I do not quite understand, but hopefully I can bring you a fun experience regardless! It took me two weeks to make this map. 


As far as I know, this map is only playable through GZDoom 


MIDI's composed by me.

Ambient sounds exported from youtube. 


Special thanks to Cyriak for unintentionally providing me with the layout of how to make an office chair (kindly borrowed from Going Down Map02). 


Of course, I welcome your feedback and suggestions. 


Now for the map itself:


Doomguy has heard stories of animatronics taking over multiple Archie's Archbear restaurants over the past decade. Innocent civilians -mainly children- became mesmerized by these restaurants which eventually consumed them to the point of losing their soul. "Enough is enough'', Doomguy said with a sinister yet delighted face. He heard way too many tales of unending supplies of FNAA lore which had gotten out of hand and he is here to stop the demon infestation once and for all...well... at least in one restaurant. 


Don't let the enemy count deceive you, the beginning is a barrage of office animatronics coming your way. Use the doors wisely in order to prevent them coming in. For a more enjoyable playthrough, keep an eye out for the three discoverable secrets in the map.


Download: FNAA.rarFNAA.rar


Youtube link: 










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It's inspired and well made. The starting room fight can feel very frustrating as a result of the limited space to manoeuvre.

I liked the idea of multitasking the door switches to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed, but it was poorly implemented.


The custom textures and sounds are well done. Funnily enough, the wall textures fit very well into Doom's style


Keep it up, I really enjoy these style of maps.

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The music is atrocious, and I immediately get swarmed by Arch-Viles from two sides, with nowhere to go. I know I'm supposed to use the timed doors to block them off, but it just doesn't feel fun to me. I'll pass on this one.

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It's honestly probably a good thing that the FNAF sequence only lasted one room. I didn't really think it was bad after relaxing a little Seconding Watto on your custom texture usage though. Hilarious that you put an Invulnerbility in the exit though!




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