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Deepsea and colors

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I've been messing around with Deepsea to suit the best colors for the editor.
I am using a new palette in which index 4 map 4 of the palette is r37 b37 g37, which is almost black.

this happens to make the number (measures the linedef length) beside the mouse cursor when drawing a new line hard to see.

I try to find a way to fix this in the options menu, but found nothing to change it.

I could swap index 4 map 4 with another brighter color but leaves the existing gfx somewhat messed up.

so, is there a better way to change this without causing a big mess?

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If Deepsea doesn't provide an option to change that specific color, then I guess the easiest way would be to use a special copy of the palette just for editing.

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I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do - if it's changing the palette for use with custome graphics there are 3 choices:

1. Disable F5/Options use PWAD palette (you have this enabled). That is the purpose of this option. Using the stock palette probably means your graphics won't be quite what you intended - probably not a big deal.

2. Modify one of the other Whites? There are 4 whites - 4, 168, 208 and 224. Don't remember anymore, but I think one of the others wasn't used? Not that hard to modify the graphics to use the new mapped palette whatever you decide. Just export all the graphics as BMPs (with the original palette), now change the palette and reimport them back in with the new palette. They'll all be changed.

3. Me forcing White here. White and Black are 2 colors that have to exist. I usually derive colors indexed from the palette (for flexibility), but I can override and tell Windows where the colors are probably unlikely to be changed - as in this case. So I'll do that:)

If it's just to change "white" then you can also use the F5/Colors and change White to a "Custom Color". This does not require a custom palette and changes most text displays of white. Some whites are already already forced as I noted in 3, so other "whites" stay white.

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