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[EB] ECS - Week #85: Exec & Brit Deathmatch

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Euroboros Community Sessions - Week #85: Exec & Brit Deathmatch


Hello everyone and happy Easter! This week in ECS we are playing classic Deathmatch in the Exec & Brit Deathmatch map compilation!

The session commences tomorrow on Sunday, March 31st 2024, at 8PM CET / 2PM EST!


The Exec & Brit DM compilation consists of 31 maps. The Execution Deathmatches part of it was created in 2000 by a grand group of mappers lead by Vincent "Vicious" Fong, and consists of 18 fast and frantic vanilla compatible deathmatch maps. It has many custom textures as well as its complete own original soundtrack replacement, which for deathmatch sets at the turn of the millenium was very unique. Some levels are revamped levels of 90s deathmatch sets, such as the British WADpacks and DWANGO. The Brit part of the Exec & Brit compilation is maps from British WADpack Seasons 10 and 11, created by the British Doom League. Season 10 (Brit10) contains 7 maps, and Season 11 (Brit11) contains 6.


320px-Execution_Title.png 320px-Brit10_Title.png 320px-Brit11_Title.png


Join the Euroboros Discord to participate in this week's Euroboros Community Session, and if you want to suggest content for a future session!


Register at Euroboros.net to host your own free European Doom multiplayer servers on Zandronum and Q-Zandronum!


Consider supporting Euroboros on Patreon to gain hosting benefits such as extra active server slots!

See you on the session!

- Kaapeli47

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