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Mortal Kombat II version 2.9.8 for gzdoom/zdoom /zandronum

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Lot of bugs from previous versions fixed.

Decreased incredibly the file size now is only 20 mb (before was 113 mb)

Include submods for change the music, the anouncer voice and true shadows (this last only for modern gzdoom)


download link: 




All the instructions about how to install, play and credits are included in the file too.




Mortal Kombat II design team:


Ed Boon
John Tobias
Tony Goskie
John Vogel
Dan "toasty" Forden


Mortal Kombat DooM mod creator:




Special thanks:


lphaent (ideas)
Firelord (ideas and sprites)
Kurama (beta testers in past versions)
Markos (ideas)
Ozymandias 81 (sprites support)
PsychoSilverTH (ideas and beta tester in past versions)
The Camaleon Maligno (acs support)
TheDiegoMula (graphics)
Caveras (sprites)
Ant19831983 (sprites)
Demmon Break Master (beta tester in past versions)
Undertaker (beta tester in past versions)
Nash Muhandes (for create the shadows code)
Bitplex (image of baraka vs scorpion for the titlemap: mortal kombat 2 reimagined as a 3D game)




Specially on zandronum multiplayer, some blood effects are not visible, maybe the cause are decimal values of x,y,z offsets from a_spawnitemex.

On zandronum multiplayer too, the tremor effect is not enabled, possibly a setactorvelocity problem.


The mod can be searched with getwad: (mkiib2.9.8.pk3)





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