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New Piece - "Interweave" for Brass and Woodwinds

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I entered a competition earlier this year called the "loadbang 2024 International Composition Competition." My composition entry was titled "Interweave," for 4 woodwinds and 3 brass. Well, it turns out that over 600 other people entered the competition, making my odds of winning very slim. The upshot of this is that I didn't win anything. However, now that the contest is over, I can let you listen to my composition. Please feel free to leave comments here and/or on the YouTube link. Thank you!



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So Lee Jackson, the guy that made the Duke Nukem Theme, makes a song and yet somehow barely gets any comments or likes???


Damn this world is cruel. Sucks because this song is beautiful. Good job on composing this!

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Posted (edited)

Wonderful piece of music! It made me live a little adventure.


I love the twists at 3:00 and at 3:50 .


Great job!

Edited by glu

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