After eight months of mapping, music making, and more, I am proud to present my one-man, 33-map megawad: Story  Sanguinus Rex, ruler of one of Hell’s realms, the Ocean of Blood, has captured you and is forcing you to fight your way through a series of arenas. As if generated by satanic AI, these small-to-mid-size maps contain machinery, computers and structures that resemble human-made objects but serve no purpose. Every time you beat an arena, you are transported to a new, hellish pseudo-techbase location to start from scratch against a greater challenge, whilst the hell nobles bet on when you will succumb. As you proceed, you notice that the landscape becomes increasingly hellish. Can you survive all the arenas and kill the vampiric demon king in his fortress, the Mangled Heart?   Concept The idea behind this megawad was to create maps that are challenging for intermediate players (such as myself) to beat in one sitting, saveless (but not blind!). The first 20 or so maps are therefore quite short, making restarting them less of a chore. Many of the early maps consist of just one or two rooms or spaces. Towards the end, the principle of brevity went out the window; the levels after map20 are increasingly large and probably fairly hard to beat in one sitting, without practice. That said, there are no excessive enemy counts even in the later levels.    There are no official secrets in this wad, but it cannot hurt to do some exploring. All the levels have a computer area map, even the ones that really don’t need one. This is usually easy to find, but not always.    Information  33-level megawad.  Map format: UDMF  Tested with: GZDoom 4.10 and 4.11  Jumping and crouching are disabled  Pistols start is enforced through ZMapinfo Texture pack: the wonderful OTEX, by Ukiro  Music: original tunes composed, programmed and played by me. I use the tracker/DAW Renoise, and a combination of virtual and real instruments – although for this soundtrack, most instruments are virtual. The music is in .ogg format and takes up more space than your typical MIDI collection.  The title screen, intermission screen and credits screen are also by me, and so is the menu graphic.    Custom monsters  The wad uses custom monsters, but they are quite rare in the earlier levels.   
Trailer   You can watch @austinado playtest the beta here (spoilers, obviously): 

Download link   Design concepts
  Below, I say something about the overall design concept and the idea behind each map. I write this more for my own sake than in the expectation that anyone will read it 😊