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"Deja Vu"

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10th map in the Blind Alley series for Doom 2. "Deja Vu"

A very fun play with real decent scenery. No port required. Probably the nicest looking of the series so far.

Under normal play I do not consider it a hard play in UV. You will never have to hunt for ammo in there, that is the least of your problems. The skill levels will come in handy until you learn the map. UV on this map is however aimed at the experienced player. Skill 3 plays much like Doom 2 UV. Like most maps, it gets harder as you push for time.

Feedback and/or demos always appreciated.

I recommend you watch the Legacy max demo of the level before you play it. Unless you just love to die in the traps I have set for you. Trust me, there are a couple of nasty traps in there. So don't whine if you get killed in the traps and have not watched the demo, because they are do-able even by this grandpa. All the tools are there if you will just use them.

Now get busy, the carnage is waiting!!


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Thanks for the feedback Magikal, glad you liked it. It is a blast if you don't get caught in the traps. They are easy if you don't try to stand and fight.

22 more to go... Hmm... I'm not sure if this series will go that far... well maybe.

I do intend to keep on mapping however, so, no doubt there will be more coming. Keep your trigger finger warmed up.

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