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My friend let me borrow a tape he taped off of E! from the Howard Stern show, and its got this lil black midget dude named Beetlejuice on it. Hes like some retarded or slow guy, i dont know what his problem is, but hes fucking HILARIOUS! ive never seen the Howard Stern show, so i dont know if he is a regular or anything. I havent even heard of this guy, but he is fucking hilarious for real. you can just string him along with conversations and he'll go along with it. hes always talkin himself up too. theres another guy on there, hank the angry drunken dwarf or some shit, and hes just some drunk bastard. they hate each other or somethin. if any of you ever want a good laugh, look up some howard stern episodes with these two jokers in it. im lovin this!

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