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Queries about Ancient Gods DLCs

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I've got the original Doom Eternal on Steam (not a Game Pass AFAIK) and am interested in having a play of The Ancient Gods DLCs. Now, Steam lists DE and each DLC as the same amount of storage space on SSD (80Gb), but surely that's all three together in one package? I figured that all I have to do is to buy the DLC on Steam to unlock what I already have installed, right?


Otherwise, it would seem like the amount of data for each DLC is equal to that of the main campaign, which is just impossible! Surely the assets would be-reused, and the same basic game code as well? Otherwise, I'm talking about having 240Gb of data just for all three!


So what's going on?


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It seems the DLCs are embedded into the base game I downloaded, so I suppose that's sorted :)


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