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Bravo Team - 5

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Chapter 5 – Extreme Danger

The six barrels of the chaingun stopped firing, the drum steadily spun down and the whirring noise gradually subsided. McGee swung the gun around, searching for the deadly weapon’s next victim.

Lots of snarling noises sounded from far and near.

“These bastards must’ve been attracted by the machinery coming back to life!” Jill yelled to McGee. He only nodded and gritted his teeth.
Roy backed further away. McGee noticed him out of the corner of his eye. He was close to the hole in the wall of consoles left by the bull demon that threw Sanders off his feet.
Get away from that hole Roy! he screamed, but it was too late. Brown, leathery, wrinkled hands with razor talons grabbed the short man and pulled him into the dark. He screamed and started firing at what had grabbed him, but he couldn’t aim properly and the monster soon tore his flesh apart.
The screams of the dying technician went straight into the hearts of the survivors and chilled them to their bones. McGee fired a burst into the hole when he was sure that there was no salvation for the technician and the imp in the hole was killed.

The crack of a pistol suddenly sounded from beneath them. Sergeant Sanders was still lying on the floor, but he had found the strength to pull his sidearm out and was now firing at approaching zombie soldiers.

A few of the snarling soldiers went down, but the noise also attracted their attention. The former humans pulled back their lips, revealing their sharp, filthy teeth and swollen tongues, while yellow saliva dripped from their mouths, and snarled hoarsely.
A former human Sergeant raised its shotgun, but was suddenly blown away by another shotgun.

Jill pumped the slide of her shotgun and fired again at the amassing group of zombies. Next to her, McGee opened up with the chaingun again, and behind them, Sarah Blaine snuck into the dark hole where Roy Carpenter had met his horrific fate. She had to restrain herself not to vomit as she got close to the corpses of Roy and the imp. It was too dark to see them, but the smell was horrible and her imagination did the rest to make her feel awful. She found McGee’s sidearm, she didn’t know how but she felt a false sense of security to feel the cold metal in her hands.

Meanwhile, Jill aimed at a former human with close-shaved hair – green like all the hair of all the other possessed soldiers – and prepared to squeeze the trigger when a burst of shots from an assault rifle rang out and a terrible force knocked the shotgun clean out of her hands. It fell down from the platform and clattered against the floor.

McGee spun around amazingly quickly and tore the culprit up with his chaingun, but events unfolded much too quickly for McGee to handle alone and while he had been distracted, killing the threat to Jill’s safety, a former human wielding a shotgun came out of a hallway and fired at Sanders’ prone form. Sanders himself was busy firing down another hallway when the shotgun blast almost tore his head off. His already damaged helmet was penetrated and two pellets destroyed his brain. He was instantly dead.

“No! God friggin’ damn no!” McGee screamed as he saw Sanders’ life come to an end.

The SAS operative had not been too happy about working with Sanders at first, but he had come to appreciate him because the American had been more levelheaded at times where McGee had needed someone to keep his mind focused on the mission. “Bastard!” he roared on top of his own voice and brought down the wretched reanimated soldier. He wanted to fill this wretched former human with so much lead that its body would be reduced to tiny pieces, but he restrained himself, forcing himself to think logically. He only had very limited ammunition.

The red-haired Canadian joined the fray with McGee’s sidearm and fired at the remaining former humans as she best could, but now a few bull demons joined up. Their timing seemed great, because this was the moment McGee’s chaingun chose to run out of ammunition. Angrily he threw the weapon aside.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Jill asked frightened.
“Getting myself a new weapon,” McGee growled and jumped down from the platform. He landed unscathed on his feet, but the roaring pinkies had already noticed him and they made a beeline for him. Luckily, the last former humans had been killed off just before his chaingun ran out, but those pinkies were not to be taken lightly.
“Keep firing!” McGee yelled to the two women and prepared himself for the pinky demon attack.

The first demon roared and thrust itself directly at McGee with a wide-open jaw. Just before the demon’s teeth could tear into his armour he leapt aside and planted his fist into the side of its jaw with a meaty smack. The demon didn’t even flinch, but turned around and roared.

McGee quickly peeked to his side and saw the other pinky rush at him. He back-pedalled and came next to a dead former human. He knelt down next to the shotgun that had belonged to the former human. The monsters were closing in fast. He grabbed hold of the weapon. The pinkies roared and lurched at him. He rolled sideways with the shotgun in his hand. The two demons smacked into one another and angrily turned upon each other, gnawing away at their thick, muscular hides with disgusting gnashing sounds.

The Briton quickly checked the weapon. It was in working condition and there was a shell ready to be fired so he didn’t have to worry about pumping the slide.

One of the two bull demons let out a deep, grunting sound and fell to the ground with a heavy thump. The other one looked awful. Blood trailed from multiple large gashes. McGee slowly and deliberately raised his shotgun and pointed it at the battered victor. This seemed to make the monster insane with rage. It’s glassy eyes suddenly flashed madly with demonic, yellow light and it growled aggressively.

A pistol shot echoed throughout the hall and the bullet tore through the already fairly ruined skull of the demon. The monster fell to the floor and did not get back up again.

McGee finally noticed that only Sarah had a weapon. Jill’s shotgun lay on the ground and a quick inspection revealed that it was broken from the fall and utterly useless except perhaps as a club. He was a little surprised that the astrophysicist seemed so capable of handling a gun, but in these times after the invasion, just about any human had tried firing a weapon in order to survive. But still, Sarah’s handling of the weapon seemed professional somehow.

The three survivors of Bravo Team quickly gathered as much ammunition and weapons from the dead zombie soldiers as they could. Sarah handed McGee’s pistol back to the SAS man and instead she got a sidearm off of a killed possessed as well as an assault rifle. McGee kept the shotgun he had just acquired and his own chaingun, and he handed another, newfound shotgun to Jill.

“Let’s get back to the ship asap,” he told them. “There might be more of these bastards here – seems like Mr Super Soldier didn’t kill them all. And we don’t know how many he left behind to play with us, now move!”


“We’ve gotta land on Mars again,” Jeff Coburn told them from his pilot’s seat, while navigating the craft.
“You mean to tell us that you didn’t put fuel on the damn thing last we were on Mars!?” McGee spat, livid with rage.
“That’s right Sir,” the pilot returned embarrassed.
“Jeez...” McGee growled and cooled down.

They had made it back to the ship and were now several miles above Phobos’ surface with the course set for Mars.

“How much ammo do we have?”
“What do you need ammo for? The demons are on Phobos,” Jeff replied.
“Don’t bet on it,” the SAS soldier snarled grimly. He had remembered one log entry. The very last log entry in the first interesting log file they had found which read:

”May 20, 2146: Oh my God! They are here! We must evacuate, they arrived in drop pods, we are doomed, doo…<Fatal system error...log system deactivated...>”

He looked briefly at Jill and he could tell from her facial expression that she was aware of that log entry too.

Coburn swallowed hard. “We’ve got a plasma rifle, but nobody thought of charging it before we left Earth because...” Coburn replied nervously when he saw McGee’s grim expression.
“Where...is...it?” McGee asked slowly, interrupting the pilot, and his voice sank to a menacing level.
Coburn pointed at a separate arsenal bin. The Englishman tore it open and aggressively pulled out a high-tech black and brown weapon. On a small screen on its side, the number 56 flashed to life as soon as he activated the gun.
McGee’s eyes narrowed to two thin, dark lines. “56 cell units...” he mumbled to himself.
“It will have to do – it simply has to do”

“All right guys, we’re touching down in a minute,” Coburn reported.


Jill and McGee snuck down the darkened corridor. They hadn’t encountered any resistance yet and found no trace of demons anywhere, but the English soldier was very tensed up.

They had left Sarah behind in the ship to help Coburn prepare the ship for refuelling. She wasn’t as used to combat as Jill and the SAS operative she claimed. McGee had grown suspicious. He had clearly seen how well she had handled his sidearm back on the Phobos Command Control Station – she seemed more than used to combat that the average civilian to his eyes. Maybe she was just freaked out and wanted to stay somewhere safe. He agreed with himself that that must’ve been the case. Now he and Jill were looking around in the Fuelling Area just under the hangar.

“Coburn told us that only one barrel was necessary... thankfully. These damn things are heavy”
She nodded in reply. It suddenly struck McGee that he actually liked the girl. She had been frightened when they encountered demons on Phobos, but she didn’t let that stop her and she had proved skilled at fighting back. McGee might not even have survived had it not been for her. She was no ‘Miss Universe’, but he still thought she had a pretty face and an attractive body.

His thoughts were interrupted when a terrible howl echoed throughout the darkened corridors of the Martian base. It came from somewhere far away but it still had an effect on the two humans.

“Shite! I was right! We gotta move faster!” he hissed.

They searched a couple of rooms until they finally found what they were looking for – a barrel on which a label warned of inflammable material and the words “Fuel A6” were printed.

McGee gently laid the barrel down so that they could roll it. A series of snarls sounded somewhere in the building.
“McGee...” Jill whispered. He could hear the fear in her voice.
“Just call me Nigel ok?” he whispered back in a calm voice, trying to encourage her and kill some of her fear. She quickly looked over her shoulder, and then whispered again.

“Nigel, I think the bastards are getting closer!”


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