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R.A.V.E. = No Hope For Life Ep 2

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I have made up my mind..R.A.V.E.will be the first level of NHFL EP2 FATE.
And that will make this project a Doom 2 project.
If you have played R.A.V.E. and liked it..Then it's good news.
If you have and didn't like it well then its just shit to you.
If you have not played R.A.V.E. yet, WELL what the hell are you wating for?!?!? HEH Just kidding..Please go here: http://www.aldp.vze.com and play it!

I have already started map 2. Its in the very early stages now but I can tell you it takes place in a base that is underground. Under Rave if you know what I mean. Think of it this way..When you hit the switch at the end of Rave, you are lowered into map 2..

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Pretty fun wad. I was able to beat it first try on UV, so it wasn't that tough (but still challenging, for me anyway). First wad I've played in a while where I got super shotgun before regular shotgun hehe...
Suggestions/Comments? Umm...not a lot, I did run out of ammo pretty quickly and wasn't able to kill all the monsters. I found the supercharge secret but couldn't find the other one (maybe I would have gotten more ammo if I had). The textures seemed a little redundant, but the wad was pretty short so it's not a big deal. I think it starts off a little strong for a first level...personally I like wads that start off more gradually and have something like that on say level 3 or 4 (depending on the length of the wad). Definitely worth the download - especially for anyone who likes to test out different maps (like me).

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Well any other comments or what not??!????!??
I am open to any sort of feedback but flame, I don't want flame.

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