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Remilia Scarlet

Mappers and others

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This may be a bit of a long shot, but I'm still looking for some mappers to help out with making maps, as well as someone to help me with some basic DED/XG stuff in jDoom.

The mappers wouldn't have to do too much, mostly along the lines of 2-3 maps. They wouldn't have to be too detailed either (I'm going for an oldschool feel, but with a slight twist). Just PM me if you're interested.

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too busy, and I have ideas for my own project, so no is the answer...

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Stealthy Ivan said:

Hmm... I dont know much about jdoom, but I have been mapping for years. If you need some maps/levels let me know...

I hope you've been keeping up with D:E and are going to be able to send me your level on time Ivan. =)

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