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Testing wad through GZDoom loads

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So I'm working on my first WAD using GZDoom and UDB and I'm having trouble with launching the wad outside of UDB. Inside UDB everything tests fine. I'm probably missing something but essentially my steps are as follows.


1. Open new map with game config GZDoom: Doom 2 UDMF

2. Add resources from doom2.wad

3. made a simple room and spawn point for testing and save

4. Drag new .wad file onto GZDoom executable and select doom 2: hell on earth from launch window


Im able to open others tutorial wads and run them through GZDoom but trying with my own just loads up the first default level. I can also send my wad if needed but it really is just a room and a spawn point.


Thanks so much!

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Without MAPINFO, it will go for MAP01. If you actually named your map MAP01 though, I don't know what else is missing.

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How are you trying to launch it? drag and drop?


If yes, and GZDoom launches, that does suggest your WAD is not MAP01, as ViolentBeetle says.

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I see, so when I create a new map I keep it as MAP01 in order for the launcher to read it as the first level, is that correct? Am I able to change the wad name if I wanted it to be like (STREET) to indicate it is my file?


Thanks for the response guys!




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Figured out the map name and file name are separate. Thanks yall

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