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Punk Rock MBA Covers Dooms Music

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Posted (edited)

Sweet vid here by The Punk Rock MBA channel. 
‘How The Doom Soundtrack Changed Metal’ 

Check it out.



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What? "changed Metal forever"??? Most people in the metal scene didn't even take notice of it lol

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20 minutes ago, Kinsie said:

shhhhh nobody tell him about djent 🤫

Who said "djent"?! Djent is in my body and my blood!


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Oh boy, punk rock MBA

I still remember when he made that black metal video with the infamous phrase "you can read lords of chaos for more information" or when he said that trap metal was the genre that was gonna "save" the scene (save it from what? I dunno).

Probably gonna watch the video anyway because i'm that kind of gal.

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Never really had the best impression of this guy's content. For someone that likes punk so much as to wear it as a brand on his channel name he's the most anti-punk dude ever in attitude.

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Ooh, The Punk Rock MBA, I remember this guy. I remembered him from some things that made me doubt him in the past... Well, whatever.


Firstly, the number of bands that were influenced by the so-called. "argent metal", VERY little.
There are indeed quite a few amateur, small musical projects that make rather unprofessional imitations of Mick Gordon. But let's face it - these people are not the future of the metal scene.


If we speak for the bands that influenced modern metal, it is the Swedish band Vildhjarta, who with their second album "Måsstaden under vatten" gave birth to a whole wave of large and not so big bands.

And their musical style is now called "thall", which really changed metal. But not argent-metal

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