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0.1 release

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I just released version 0.1 of freedoom on Sourceforge.

I'm planning to change the way freedoom downloads work: before, we've simply had the WAD files available on the web page. I'm now planning to make releases through the Sourceforge release system. This will not be every time some new material is submitted, it will only be occasional.

For fans of the "bleeding edge" who want to see the very latest freedoom material, I'm planning to release PWAD files containing only the material which has changed since the last release. This means that people only have to download a small WAD in order to see the latest material, rather than download the entire IWAD every time.

Edit: its been pointed out that "0.1" makes it sound like we've got almost nowhere. The version number isnt meant to represent anything quantitative: its just a good initial release version :)

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