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Lord FlatHead

Wired article online

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the article said
As we creep past a room where a zombie is munching on the brains of a dead scientist, an Imp flies up through the grates below, shooting fireballs.


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"He was so immersed in his task that he saw the world around him as an optical display. In the shower the next morning, three perfect bars of light reflected on the tiles. Hey, Carmack thought - that's a diffuse illumination by a specular reflection."

Hehehe..he.. he

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Excellent article.

Whats that book mentioned at the start about Carmack and Romero?

God I can't wait for this game.

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"Next victim!" shouts Todd Hollenshead.

Just outside the Mesquite Rodeo, pasty guys in black T-shirts line up next to a small stage, waiting to go under the knife. Wielding clippers that move in flashes of silver, Hollenshead and Marty Stratton, id's other "biz guy," cut Quake's clawlike logo into fanboy skulls.

That gives me the impression that this interview was taken last quakecon!

The occasion is the seventh annual QuakeCon that is this one , a gathering where Carmack will unveil a more advanced demo of Doom III for the public. More than 3,000 armchair space marines have made the trip, schlepping along their elaborately configured PCs to compete in a marathon 72-hour deathmatch. The entire convention hall is snarled with cables networking the gamers, who chug free samples of high-caffeine Bawls soda as they play.

Did they make a mistake, or do they write poorly! I don't understand anything of it. Is it last or next quakecon??

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