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Help with issue using Quakespasm

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I thought I'd try here on the off chance someone is able to help.


It's a really odd issue with controller support, on my new computer which is Windows 11. On my previous Windows 10 computer, my Xbox controller worked flawlessly with Quakespasm-Spiked.


On this new one, for some reason the program only acknowledges the triggers, they work but nothing else does at all. This seems to be the case no matter which usb slots are used, and also the behaviour happens in a fresh version of QSS I downloaded, with both the remaster and original pak files, and also happens with Ironwail which I've never used and only downloaded to test it for this issue so it seems to be a problem occurring with all Quakespasm based source ports. The controller works fine with anything and everything else.


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Okay, I am just posting to say I found a solution to this problem, and I guess if it can potentially be helpful to anybody else I will post what I did. 


The problem also occurred with Eduke32 and NotBlood, but I found adding these source ports to Steam, and enabling Steam Input actually fixed the problem and allowed the controller to fully work with them. 

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