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Any Wads out there featuring huge cityfights?

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True, but not exactly a huge fight.

Herian2 had some nice brawls in city settings - map30 for instance.

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Disorder said:

I'm a big fan of apocalyptic city levels. Self-explanatory.

Kind sir, I encourage you to investigate the following.

DEADBASE.WAD (E2M1) by Alberto Barsella.
Memento Mori MAP18 by Henrik Rathje.
Memento Mori MAP28 by Jens Nielsen.
Plutonia MAP29 by the Casali Brothers (commercial project).
Requiem MAP22 by Iikka Keranen.
Requiem MAP27 by Iikka Keranen.

Each of these maps or the sets to which they belong can be found using http://www.doomsearch.com/ or Doomworld's own http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/.

Additionally, as NiGHTMARE pointed out below, AsDOOM2 (asd2.zip) authored by Andy Sheperd, boasts a handful of city-based maps -- MAP01, MAP07, and a portion of MAP08.

To concur with Opulent, Mordeth Episode 1, entitled "The City of Babel", is mandatory gaming for any serious DOOM player. As you can tell from the title of the episode, it is city- and thus building-based. Screenshots, as well as download links, can be found at http://mordeth.doomworld.com/.


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Ok, my inexperience with Wads is getting to me. While trying to run Memento Mori and Requiem in jDoom with Doomsday kickstart I receive a message saying 'One of the WAD files must be an IWAD'. What am I doing wrong?

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Grazza said:

You need to have Doom2.wad selected as well.

Done that, now I get this while starting up Requiem:

Con_Init: Initializing the console.
SW_Init: Startup message window opened.
Executable: Version 1.7.6 Dec 11 2002 (DGL).
Z_Init: Init zone memory allocation daemon.
32.0 Mb allocated for zone.
ZoneBase: 0x54F0020.
Parsing configuration files.
W_Init: Init WADfiles.
W_AddFile: D:\DooM II\DOOM2.WAD
IWAD identification: 00f36acb
W_AddFile: C:\Doomsday\Data\Doomsday.wad
W_AddFile: C:\Doomsday\Data\jDoom\jDoom.wad
Reading definition file: D:\DooM II\DOOM2.WAD
DD_ReadDefs: No state or mobj definitions found!

Also, when I start up Memento Mori it just plays Doom II, except with different MIDI's. Yeah I know I suck at this.

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I'm no expert on the workings of the Doomsday engine, but the difference I notice is that the iwad I am using is C:\Doomsday\Data\jDoom\Doom2.wad - i.e. a copy of it, in the Doomsday data folder, rather than one in the main Doom2 folder. I vaguely recall when I first installed Doomsday that this was necessary.

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I had in mind to have a level in Mangadoom called the Southern cross (storyline has no relation to FOTNS) where you're in a big deserted city with a cyberdemon walking about, similar to the giant boomer fight in BGC episode 7.

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