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The concept art

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You've probably seen these ones before by now, but this is the concept art to my tc project Mangadoom. Not all of the concept art so far is here so i will update this thread frequently.

Please note that some of these designs are old reject designs in which they will be redesigned (primary example, the doom guy face). What's more other the pictures with me in the (eg tuke battle) has no relevance to the project other than maybe a mangadoom monster.


I will also start a thread in wad forum informing you guys what's the progress so far but not right now at this very moment because i need to play some games (i've just come home from the isle of wight)

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4 new pictures has just been added to the gallery. A pic called Dead, the spider mastermind design, and some new designs for the doomguy and the mancubus.

On a general note about the artwork, i've recently taken a look at some other anime inspired doomart. Whilst the quality was ok, i don't think people really like the concept or theme too much. With Mangadoom, whilst the style is anime, i am certainly not aiming to make it cute (with the exception of the secret levels which i'm gonna try and make hard to find). So far i feel i've done a good job at maintaining the grotesqueness of the doom monsters and the scenery that is to be included. That's why i wish to redesign the doom face.

A note about the anime doomguy, i'm trying to do what anime usually does, have a hero that's either a teenager or in a fairly youthful age, largely due to the fact that's what usually happens in Japanese mythology (the age of 15 is a big year for mythological japanese heroes). With anime doomguy, i'm aiming for him to look no older than 25.

btw: i'm ditching the cyber angel of death idea for the hellknight, but i'm going to use that idea for a skin).

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