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Wadazine Flag Fest #136 - Dash CTF - *NEW MAPSET*

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Welcome back to this week's edition of WFF!


We will be playing a new 8 map CTF set this Sunday!


Dash CTF is an 8 pack of new CTF maps from me, Arrowhead!


This mapset was made in the last 3 weeks or so, and I tried to focus on a variety of environmental themes.


We will be playing all 8 maps in 1 part this weekend!


We're moving onto a new WAD the week after!




1. Core Complex

2. Purification Facility

3. Burn Ward

4. Violent Vexillology

5. Fortress Face-Off

6. Polar Plunder

7. Skyward Struggle

8. Flower Power


So, grab your shotty, strap up your Red or Blue gear, and come join us for an epic session of fraggin' n' flaggin'!


-2 Teams
-5 Flag Limit per map
-10 Minute Limit per map
-8 Players max per team

-WADs rotate weekly (unless being continued)

-No overtime

This is a welcoming and friendly casual gaming experience! You don't have to be a Doom god to join us for some flags!


The Wadazine Flag Fest team is:




Mr. Pred



-Sunday @ 19:00 CDT (00:00 GMT) on ZDaemon!

-Dwango United New Jersey (or type 'Wadazine' into the search tool)

-No password - public & casual


Never played Doom multiplayer? Please watch this tutorial!

Don't miss out on another event! Join the cool kids and be first in line for new-edition releases and events at ---> Wadazine Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Q2RKn4J

Multiplayer DOOM fan? Help support the team that supports us at --->



Hope to see you there!




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