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Lord FlatHead

Drawing in progress (totally not Doom-related) - UPDATED

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After showing off my überl33t Wacom tablet I promised to show you some art. I didn't get around to anything Doom-related yet, but I did succeed in drawing this lovely scene :


I would've uploaded just the line art but I lost the original version in a freak Photoshop incident that may or may not have involved a large plastic sheep. So there's a few big spludges of color in there that still need a lot of touching up/shading etc.

As you can see the tablet works really well, though my hand really isn't steady enough for the detail work. Btw, this is supposed to end up as the first panel in an epic six-page comic entitled "Nazi Robots Stole My Underpants".

UPDATE: It's pretty much finished now.

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Nazi robots? Saddam's fuckin' Satan again isn't it?

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That's dope! I like your choice of colors so far, you could almost just leave it like that.
I've used a tablet before. It's not quite like using a pencil, a bit more akward IMO, but a helluva lot better than drawing with the mouse.

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