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Why do older bikers often ride R1200GS's?

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Posted (edited)

Bear with me...


The BMW R1200 GS, particularly the Adventure type:









often seem to be ridden by older blokes. 


I'd often wondered why, and was never really sure, other than maybe more affluent? 


Now, I am edging slowly into "old bloke" territory, and I think I am beginning to have an idea:


I have always ridden large sport tourers (FJ1200, ZZR1100, Hayabusa) which have a partially over-the-tank riding position.


Over the last couple of years, I am finding that my chest intercostals and ligaments attaching my sternum are quite achy afterwards. I did have a big RTC many years ago, which fucked my chest anyway, which may well exacerbate this. It seems to be related to braking hard and the specific riding position of my Hayabusa.


I also have a 2002 Fazer 1000:









which has a much more upright riding position, and I don't seem to suffer the same way.


The R1200 GS probably has a more upright riding position than this, so I am beginning to think that riding a large upright adventurer type bike (the 1200GS, Tiger, Varadero etc.) is much easier on old bones and bodies.


So if there are any of the more distinguished bikers out there, what are your thoughts on this?

Edited by smeghammer : added links to referenced bikes

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// Yeah bro, getting olds sucks... i find when i'm dehydrated by anything less than 3L of water in 24 hours, i get very creaky... my spinal discs will pop and my sternum from hunching forward and keeping tension on the bars will make an awful pop everysooften. should probably eat more fish.. it's all about minimizing shock to the spine and keeping good posture. then again if we wanted a comfortable ride without any of the thrill, we'd just drive a Cadillac boat around and not chase the devil on two wheels..

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Yeah I started regular walking, with weighted vest/wrists during lockdown, 'cos I have 2 kids and I wanted to get fitter as I got older and they grew up. Definitely helps.  I know what you mean about hydrating more though - and I don't mean beer...


On topic, the fitness definitely helps with riding, though not much with the chest thing - can't really do pec exercises unfortunately due to the RTC I mention above; so I have taken more to lower weight, high reps.

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