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Rusty Old Site

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ToXiCFLUFF has e-mailed us about the launch of the Rust website, a project for Doom Legacy. You'll find news, information, and screenshots on the project there. Some of the main features of Rust shall be:

  • Conversation system with NPC's which are affected by your decisions and what you say to them
  • New cheat system
  • Extensive use of legacy effects
  • New items and inventory system

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Screenshots are clearly above-par. I usually ignore the hardware render's impact on the visual quality, but it's actually coming to its right in these screenshots... more so than in the average Legacy/JDoom/etc level.

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Yep, it looks really nice not because of Legacys 3D and eyecandy shit, also because they created a nice atmosphere in their maps :)

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deathz0r said:

I second that.

Thirded and fourthed.

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