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If you haven't noticed yet, I'm back...

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Welcome back, Tobey!
Good to see you around here again. In the meantime, do please try and not get sick :)

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I see your rivalry with Kenny was succesful. :)

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I don't know if it's totally gone yet

I just know I can breathe through my nose


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both nostrils

for the first few days, it was just one nostril

I was actually smelling the tumor as well at first

smelled like rotten egg + rotten dead people + white dog doo

but that's gone away now and the world doesn't smell like fried ass

at least not as much

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didn't know you were gone, didn't know you were on the brink of death, didn't care then, don't care now. i'm just glad you're back.

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No I didn't notice :(

Good to see you back.

Tobester pressed keys:
Ultra riff packed finga twisting soloey speed metal sabathy stuff.

Heh, couldn't agree more :)

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