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Dawn: A Prelude

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The link doesn't work. And with the archives down at the moment, it looks like it's gonna miss newstuff this week. (unless they come back online in the next few hours)

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Damn it, the archives are down! Damn, I really wanted my level to get reviewed, too . . . Oh, well. What's it about?

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RTDscout said:

What's it about?

It's a 5-level ZDooM hub with a Star Wars theme -- new environments, enemies, weapons, sounds, music, the works. It's a prequel to a 7-level Star Wars hub that I released a year and a half ago, named The Darkest Hour.

Visit Piper at the Gates of DooM to find out more about Dawn: A Prelude as well as The Darkest Hour.

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Well, hello again, me hearties. The 3DGamers archives are back and functional, so I urge you to waste no more time and take this opportunity to improve yourselves. In case you missed the previous newsflash, Dawn: A Prelude is available for your gaming pleasure.

The link to the text file is here.

The link to the zip file is here.

Info on the project is here.

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I'm surprised about the lack of comments in this thread. Hasn't anyone played it yet?

Dawn: A Prelude in my opinion is one of the best WADs ever. It has a certain quality, which is hard to put into words, but it raises it miles above any other WAD I've seen in /newstuff in a long, long time.

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Csabo said:

Dawn: A Prelude in my opinion is etc. etc.

You flatter me, Csabo. But do go on!

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KoolKat said:

Hey, where is the graphics pack?

Read the text file! You have to use Darkhour.wad for that.

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