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JDoom and Freedoom...

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Okay, I was just thinking, and two thoughts occurred to me. Firstly, using Freedoom with JDoom and MD2 models and textures from the retexturing project, it would basically be real Doom with different levels. Is this a problem or anything? Secondly, speaking of MD2 models, I realize that this would be an incredibly huge undertaking, but wouldn't it be cool if there were MD2 models for Freedoom? Of course, I have no idea who would be crazy enough to devote that much effort to it, but it was just a random thought.

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Making models is a heck of a lot quicker than making sprites :)

Disagreed. I found it a lot quicker to do tstuke for doom than to do him for quake 2.

Of course skinning is the quick and easy part.

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The models in JDoom are of the original doom monsters, so they cant be used because of trademark issues. But it would be nice if we could have some models for freedoom, nonetheless :)

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