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Doom 2 on the Wii, has anyone finished it?

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Posted (edited)

Spend the past hour trying to beat entryway but died a lot and did not manage it.

Played with a Remote and Nunchuck.

And I simply wanted to ask.. ..


Has anyone beaten the first map yet?

Or even the entierty of Doom 2?



Have not played 1 or any other wad as of this writing.




Additional Information btw is here:




And sorry, am not sure if source ports is the right category..

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I wanted to like WiiDOOM and experiment with the Wiimote/Nunchuck control system because it's quite interesting.

I was pretty put-off by the HUD not functioning well though (doesn't show weapons or keys). Although I know the stock IWAD maps well enough for it not to be too much a problem, I can't imagine it being very good for playing custom content.

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I think it really deserves further development (in particular, motion aiming with a freefloating cursor, similar to the Wii Quake port.)

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2 hours ago, Redneckerz said:

I would suggest the very similarily named Wii-Doom, as that's more recent:



Its also actually optimized for Wii. Not sure if its PrBoom based though, i just took a cursory glance.

It's Chocolate Doom based instead of PrBoom. Meaning that it doesn't support some of the stuff the PrBoom based port does. It used to have multiplayer compatibility? I think? I don't remember now.


There was work on porting Odamex to the Wii, but it never had an official release AFAIK and I suspect all work on that side of things is dead.

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