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Dark Fate Released

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Carnevil -

Thanks!! I wanted to try a different theme for this level, and E3 style was something I atleast hadn't tried before.

Was interesting to make it for Doom II and not Doom I because of the SSG and the other monsters... And there's also some nice Doom II textures (SLOPPY2 for example) that actually suit the E3 theme.

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Love it, K! You're getting better and better, and it's especially underlined by the fact that you didn't use a helluva lotta time on it. My only gripe should be that 3 keys and all the weapons in such a small level perhaps is a bit overmuch. Perhaps... All in all it was nice to finally play a good hellish styled level again! And lucky for us: It runs smoothly on a 486 DX ;-)

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