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Dingus Khan

Kill all the Zombies. The final chapter.

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Kill all Zombies –Part Fo…aw fuck it…

Slimer scream fuck his head off. Rusty metal what that blood taste like. He see marines around him. They fucking zombies. Fuck they I hates you… They say stupid shit to me. Oh fuck you marine. I tied ups. Red and bloody is I. Chair bloody. “We’re going to finally set you free you fucking retard.” I go frees! Maybe they helps me with the zombies. I remember that time with the room and those marines they just trick me. Oh no you didn’t! I not that silly! I know you just trick me again you marines! You marines zombies! Where they go. They disappear. They not where they were. Right? You know? If Slimer knew where he was. It dark in here again. Maybe not. Shit. They hurt me good. Yep. Do they really set me free? How I get here? Look back. See where you came. OH there it is. I go that way. WHAT?! They ties me that to chair? I sees so much bloody here.

”screaming again for the millionth time blood running down face like baptism day fist in he’s body up to wrist squeezing and clenching at hes fucking organs poke fingers in anothers eyes and rip down on surrounding skin I tear skin off in chunks the other shit in pants legs kicking and thrashing like the legs of a grasshopper consumed by flame as eyes are popped under thumbs he bit nose off in teeth vomit on another. Slimer grabs crotch. Screams. Pisses self. Masturbates. Lurches off in coating of blood piss shit semen death and stupid.”

Maybe something bad happen here. I better go other ways. I go back from where I came and go down dark hallway. What happen to lights? Something real darn bad musta happened here. Broken shit everywhere. Something happen to station? How fucked up. Judas runs to command control where he finds the life support systems showing only himself. The whole space station was empty except for him. He wonders what happened to him. Staring at that green screen with only himself as a blinking dot made him finally see things correctly.

Space so empty. So Slimer. They all disappear. He remembers hes mommy. Where she go? Maybe she on space station somewhere. No. She not. For short second past come life. Mother kisses forehead. He join UAC. He scientist in slipgate technology. What scientist? Whats a slipgate? What a technology? It not matter, but he is one. The demons come. Those zombies too. Those Zombies! He go to different space station. It different there. No zombies there. He continue research. But then zombies came after all. What? I seeing things. Slimer know he alone. Slimer look around…Slimer only hear machine hum. “I KILL THEM ALL! WHY DID I KILL THEM?!!!? I KILL THEM. I KILL THEM. WHY SLIMER KILL THEM?!? SLIMER NOT MY NAAAAAAAAAMMEEE!!!!!!!”


Here is a recollection of the last few minutes of Slimer’s, Judas’s, Morgan’s, and Jacob’s life:

He released the gas valve and placed the nozzle in his mouth. The fumes burned his eyes and made them water. The gas ran down his throat and into his innards like liquid fire, burning all the way down. He started coughing and inhaled gas into his lungs. His vision became so blurry it was hard to see. He started gagging and vomiting, his back arched but soon nothing would come out except blood. He shoved the nozzle back into his mouth and drank more. This time he kept it down long enough to blindly fumble for the plasma lighter in his belt. He couldn’t see. He finally found it when he could feel the vomit welling up again. He didn’t give it the chance to erupt from his mouth. He lit the lighter then shoved it into his mouth. The inside of his mouth burned, turning black at the back of his throat from the heat. He kept on shoving until it hit the back of his throat, which made him gag. The vomit and flame met each other like a nova of death. Flame shot in both directions, one going into his mouth burning his tongue into nothing, blackening his teeth and curling his lips into tiny bands of black flesh. The flame continued up into his nasal cavities igniting the mucous within, further speeding the flame to his brain. The skin on his hand which was still in his mouth blackened like space itself, fingernails melted. The flame going the other direction did more devastating damage. It hit his stomach like a bomb, exploding it and sending flaming meaty shrapnel throughout the rest of his torso. The flames consumed his head and arm. His torso flowered in flame. The flame soon reached his legs and genitals, which popped like Easter eggs under the extreme heat. His legs thrashed about until his brain and spinal cord no longer had enough to even provide twitches. His flesh blackened and curled away. Bone melted. Nothing was left but an ashy pile.

The space station sat alone for 2 long weeks before anyone could make it there to discover what had happened. No one understood it when they did discover all the remains. 35 crew members grisly murdered and one unidentifiable body. Absolutely no record of what happened to the 35 crew members. As for the last member...no name was ever found for him. Assuming it was a “him”. The black ashy remains were swept out into the black ashy vacuum of space to be eternally forgotten.

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that was a fantastic fucking story. that second-to-last paragraph was especially rad. bravo bravo bravo.

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*hem* This was -- absolutely -- confusing. Not very enjoyable in my opinion at all. Picks up waay too fast, and without proper breaks I started reading lines I had already read --- over and over again.


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I'll admit...this story is a fucker to try to read through. The horrible structure...the first/third/second person narrative jumps...the insanity...the occasional well structured line just to mess with the reader...etc. This story is written a bit like an impressionist or expressionist painting is painted. There are parts missing. There is a lot of confusion. That was exactly the picture I was trying to invoke. This story is about Slimer. Slimer isnt really his name. There were many names listed in this story, and none of them were his real name. Anyhow, "Slimer" is obviously mentally challenged in an extreme way. So extreme he's forgotten his name, where he is, why he is and what he's even doing. An accident happened on the space station that "Slimer" is on. This accident caused "Slimer" a lot of confusion...he thought it was zombies attacking, when really (this wasnt explained in the story) it was just several energy supply cells malfunctioning and exploding in the life support wing of the station. Out of "Slimer's" stupidity, he thought it was the zombies invading and went apeshit, killing innocent people. The story was written from "Slimer's" perspective. So all the confusion you experienced reading it was the same confusion he experienced. In this last chapter "Slimer" finally realized what he had done...saw a glimpse of his past (which just scared the fuck out of him because he thought he was seeing things) and realized he didnt know his name. In fact, he realized he didnt even know himself. As a result of his revalation, he killed himself. Once he was discovered...no one even cared. He had no name, no mind, no friends. He didnt even exist in a sense. I hope this makes it all make a bit more sense.

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It does, thank you. I thought I --- okay I'm gonna use the word 'sensed' because it's the only term I can think of even though it sounds indrekibly corny --- but yeah, I thought I sensed somethin' deeper, but either it wasn't conveyed where I could pick it up or I gave up on it. Probably the latter; wouldn't surprise me.

But-eh, good job.

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