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Trasher's Sneak Peeks # 1: Cacodemon Squad

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Hello. This will be an irregular thingy I'll be doing on these forums. Basically, I'll play a wad still in-progress, take snaps, and let them speak for themselves (with some help from some arrows pointing stuff out)

So, here's Cacodemon Leader's masterpeice so far.

The Good, the Bad, and the Really Ugly

If you can see, your monitor's too bright


My screenshotting sucks: Official

Sometimes, the canned ideas are the best

Who here can spell "God Mode" ladies and gents?

Now would be a good time to run

Crudux Cruo!

Spot That Game

Well, there's Allhell, Duke3d... bollocks, I give up

My next Sneak Peek should be at Blau! 2, if Red Pants will let me. So, until next time...

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So the purpose of Cacodemon Squad is to add stuff from every game ever made, right? :)

Sure, it uses enemies from other games and stuff yeah, but they retain their regular attacks and some have some new ones right under their sleeves. Also other features are available which will make this MOD so incredibly awesome, of course not much in the way of levels of course...

EDIT: Examples of enemies with new attacks are the Special Weapons Dalek which fires afterimaging lasers and give you the pain value of a rocket launcher, and that boss from the level 'Beauty and the Beast' from Blood Plasma Pak has a Supersonic Charge attack now, so be very careful with these guys now.

And lastly, exploding walls: http://www.geocities.com/conversiontotal2000/rubble.gif?

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Cacodemon Leader is, IMO, one of the best EDGE mod-makers in the Doom community, regardless of what you all think. Great work!

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Rotting Corpse said:

Dude all those pages are not working.

Drag and drop into your address bar.

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Rotting Corpse said:

Trasher][ is this wad just a joke or is it a serouse wad?

This is a Serious WAD File, and I happen to know that because I happen to be working on that MOD!

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