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Rotting Corpse

G-force 2 problems

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I my friend got a g-force2 for his bday. He asked me to instal it for him. I got it instaled {its a pci card}. But the thing has problems.

It wont run zdoom. Zdoom worked fine when he had his old card. The launcer screen wont even show up. it just freeze's his comp. It will run vannila doom. But when you exit doom or hexen the computer freeze's. Any cd whith auto-run will freeze the comp. It has random system lock ups. One time whein I tryed ot run scan disk that froze the comp. Dose an one know whats going on. His spac's are

intel celeron mmx 366mhz
32.0mb of ram
500mb of free space.
G-force 2 mmx PCI card.

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Open up the ZDoom INI file. It may be named differently depending on your OS. In Windows 2000 or XP, it is named ZDoom-Username.ini. I don't know about 98 or Me. Anyways, open it up in NotePad, and search for the line that contains vid_attachedsurfaces=. Change the value of that from true to false if it is true, or from false to true if it is false, because I'm not sure what the default is. This may solve your problem.

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