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Youngest doom fan-artists ever?

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In essence, this is doom art and in essence they are doom fan-artists, but it's fanart for me.

Basically my little step-brother Sonny (age 8) and my step-sister (age 10) did me fanart for my TC Mangadoom. Sonny did the old imp replacent design (it looks a lil cute but as he might say he's no artist) whilst Ella did a bone dungeon pic and a cybie pic (which i feel looks cool). Since their too young for this internet stuff i put them on my site for your viewing pleasure.


They may not be as good as us but for their age i'd say they've done a good job. I clap my hands for them *claps*

Maybe i'll put in a good word for them and ask them to do some normal doomart.

A question does rise from this. Has anyone younger done doomart?

btw: if you wish to do mangadoom fanart (and i hope you do) by all means send them to me via e-mail (call the email mangadoom fanart btw)

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Grazza said:

heh, I cleared my webspace a while ago, I'll go put the picture back in there.

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When did they start to play doom??...
i started around ehhr 6 or 7... im 14 now....
:P does anyone know a real Archvile pic and Cyber deamon and the Baron of Hell (o luv those) like non manga (no offense i like manga)
and no joke Real drawings... high quality :P u know wot i mean hehe

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Coopersville said:

BlueSonnet's step-brother/sister draws better than Epyo's brother. :P

Because being better than someone else is all that matters with art.

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My brother did a nice drawing when he was seven, unfortunately I don't live at home anymore and he has the picture on his wall. I think it had multiple marines attacking a bunch of cacodemon and lost souls, each marine had a different weapon, the chaingun was best.

He's pretty fucking good at the game also, hes beaten Doom 2 (Vanilla) on U.V difficulty, saving only at the start of levels, and that does include the secret levels and icon of sin.

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ella2 is far the best of these pictures, :).

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**MagnuM's Review**

Ella.jpg - An interesting blend of both art and mystery. What intrigues me is the simplicity of this art, but the creature who is in agony inside the large imps mouth who has the burning eyes. Magnificent for the age range.

Ella2.jpg - The kid doing these has talent. He shows it without any hesitation with this shaded piece. Yes, he may be young and this is not perfect, but there is a slight sign of talent in his work. Keep encouraging the kid to make more.

sonny.jpg - This is interesting...A sly type demon...


(modem fucking sucks...takes to long to load!!)

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