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Creme de la creme of my art gallery

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I've been starting quite a few art threads recently, largely to do with the fact that i've been hoarding my doomart (unintentionally).


So here's 7 doom art, one of which is another pinky demon, only this time it's done normally. The red nose day one didn't amount to anything, just something i did whilst watching the French and Saunders comedy spoof of Harry potter (no, i'm not a HP fan). The dark imp pic was what i did as a CD cover for a birthday prezzie for my bro Sonny. There's even a revenant pic too.

The best ones of the gallery is without a doubt the archvile pic and the classic doom demon pic. Check it out and see.

*The writing is on the wall. "GET TSTUKE.COM HOSTED ON DOOMWORLD!"

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I liked the expression on the imp of doomvary.jpg. Reminds me'f snobbish Los Angeles actors.

"No pictures! No cameras! Or you'll see my lawyer next!"

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Your dark imp has the body of Diablo - the giant spikes on the back. I like them all. Your archie just pwnz. :)

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the arch-vile pic has a nice styling...

the darkimp pic is good too...

rednose pic - muahahahaha!!!

\me shoulda made an arch-vile in future...

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Some more doom art has recently been added btw. Here's the official art link.


BTW: The doom3 cast is based on the official screenshots and info up to the point of the art piece. No alpha based stuff has been intended. That chaingun is based on what i heard (but i'm sure it wouldn't matter much now anyway)

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