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SiC has introduced to us a new Doom 3 modification in the works entitled SpliTTer: THe ONe. It is, or rather, will be, a "teamplay horror modification for Doom 3 featuring tactic and RPG elements." The site contains quite a bit of info about the TC for a yet unreleased game; you'll find the proposed story, concept art, finished model screenshots, and soundtrack samples, along with recruiting info for those who feel they can qualify to be part of the team.

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You can do plenty for a mod for game which isn't out. You start with compling a plan of what you want to have in your mod (based on what you think/know the game can do), write up the storyline and dialogue, create the music and sound effects, draw the textures, etc.

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The Flange Peddler said:

Not to mention that the Alpha can be used to make maps too.

The map format will probably be refined by the final version, making alpha maps incompatible with the full version.

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I think it is completely reasonable to start building mods. Especially considering official press releases that state what the game won't have. And having a plan before you get the tools is one way to speed things up once you get the tools. I can hardly wait.

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Imp said:

this is so stupid. The game isnt even out yet. Wait till the game comes out, then talk about modding it

Nothing wrong with planning ahead IMHO.

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