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Naked Snake

Official Proof of the "Curse of Eternity"!

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Ok, everyone should know about the port Eternity, headed up by Quasar` and SoM. Now, Eternity is quite good and some popular TCs are using it...but what is this curse I speak of? Any mod using Eternity takes an...*sigh* Eternity to be released.

1) Eternity TC, the TC that shares the name of the engine made for it. To this day, I don't think even 1 or 2 maps have been completed for it :(

2) Mordeth Episode 2, looks great, but since Mord's computer with all his work on it was stolen, it'll take that much longer to redo it all.

3) Millennium, which actually may be the first to see the light of day has been promised for a while.

Now, I'm not going to say none of these mods will ever be released, becaus that isn't true, they probably will be, but look at the facts, every mod for Eternity takes about 6 years to get released.

*** BTW, this is NOT a flame on Eternity, Eternity is a pretty kick-ass port and frankly, I think there should be more mods for it ***

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Off topic, but how many here hope Caverns of Darkness will be reported to Eternity.

I sure do so I can play this masterpiece WITH SOUND!!!

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Heh, cute BBG. BTW, Joel IS planning to get Caverns of Darkness working with some kind of Win32 Eternity -- whether it'll be an official release or a mod remains to be seen though. I'm sure he'll let everyone know when he gets it ready.

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