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doom master 16

new doom wads

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if any 1 is up to it i was thinking about making some new wads for doom 3 and was wondering if any 1 was interested in checking them out when they are done :O

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Um... Doom 3... Wads... Um...

Anyway, levels? Better wait until the game is out before you go distibuting stuff round here... that's likely to earn you a ban.

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1 - You've already posts this in the WADs and Mods forum, so there's no need to post something here.
2 - Doom 3 isn't even out yet (no release date even), so you can't make anything for it (legally anyway)
3 - When Doom 3 is released, there is a near 100% chance that it will not use .wads, except maybe for textures.
4 - You may want to wait until you actually have something for us to test before asking us to test it.

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