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Replacing sky textures?

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I'm going to apologize in advance because I'm guessing this question has been asked about a million times before... :)
Any normal texture is easy to replace (using Wintex or something) but when I try to replace the sky texture, Wintex says it replaces the entry, but zdoom still uses the default sky texture. There must be an additional step you have to do with sky textures that I'm missing...
Thanks for any help.

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Lavarn said:

There must be an additional step you have to do with sky textures that I'm missing...

You probably realize that inserting a custom texture involves two, possibly 3 steps with WinTex. First you need to insert a graphic patch. If you name this patch the same as an existing IWAD patch, and your patch is the same size as the IWAD patch, you're done. Nothing else needs to be manipulated.

If you insert a patch that is named differently from a corresponding one in the IWAD, or if your patch is a different size you must take the next step. In the Edit Textures menu find the texture you want to replace (say, RSKY1). Select your patch for insertion into the texture, and insert it. If the patch is the same size as that of the IWAD (i.e., 128*256) you're done. If your patch is smaller and you need to insert more than one patch, use the texture alignment controls to position your first patch, insert your second patch, align your second patch, and so on. If the patch is larger, use the alignment controls to move the patch into the correct location in the texture. Remember to save your changes.

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Oh...I was using F_SKY1 instead of RSKY1 as the name of the texture. But you're right I had it the wrong size and when I stretched it out it became very pixelated and looks just terrible haha.
But at least I know how to do it now...thanks.

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Remember you can turn 'stretch short skies' off, and this will stop it stretching - but this is only really useful if you're a keyboarder (and so don't look up all the time).

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