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Doom Open

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mr.twister of www.idoom.cz has told us of an event, taking place on July 1st, that will appeal to any Czech Doomers out there:

In Czech Republic (Prag) we will stage Doom LAN party. We will play in gamecasino (www.g8.cz). The number of Doomers is limited to 36. Number of computers 12. The prizes are beaker or champagne (hardware is clear now).

Now if someone could decipher the last sentence of that, I'd be grateful.

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Maybe that you have to pay for drinks if you assist, but not for the playing itself or the hardware? I'll ask one of the CZ guys if I see them on IRC.

(after a while...)

The last sentence is about the prizes, I've been told.

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Beaker of champaign? I want the whole bottle dammit. :)

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