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Doomswap for doom2...?

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I was looking through my doom folder today and I saw doomswap. I thought "hey, its a flawless program, why not have a doom2 version?". Therefore I ask... is there a doom2 version of doomswap? or is the source somewhere out there?

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It is some very old program that would take you to this menu where you selected any level, episode, or entire game of doom.wad. then it would take you to a list of all the (purposefull) things that doom.wad has. From there, you could change things around, for example, you could make all the imps in e3m4 into barrels or cyberdemons or shotguns... fairly easy concept. you can find it by searching through the ftp archives that doomworld uses. oh, and if you try it, remember to backup your original doom.wad!

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