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MODs in ZDoom

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This might sound fairly dumb, but how easy is it to add music MODs to ZDoom? The ZDoom documentation doesn't seem to cover it. Do you have to add the MODs to a wad, or do you just need to create a file for them?
Help would be much apreciated!

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Open your wad in Wintex ->
Click on the 'data' button at the bottom of the window ->
'Edit' 'Load Entry from File' Write in 'demo1'->
Click 'show all files' and find your mod ->

After your mod is selected, highlight it and go to Guru Only at the top right hand of the window.. from there rename to 'D_RUNNIN'. That is the basic way of doing it.

Another way would be to do all of the above, except name your mod to 'MOD01' instead of D_RUNNIN, and create a new text file called 'MAPINFO' and have all of this information in it:

map map01 "(your map name here)"
music mod01
sky1 "sky1" 0.0

Load this file in the same way as the mod, and name it to MAPINFO.

Hope this helps.

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Or you could use XWE, where you simply open your wad, select Entry|Load and use your browser to find and load your music file.

If it does not have a DooM/2 IWAD music lump name, then you can either rename it (Entry|Rename) or do as Ed suggested and create a MAPINFO lump.

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