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Doom Legacy v1.40 Error Msg Help!

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I just downloaded and tried to install Doom Legacy v 1.40 and I get multiple errors when launching a game. The first one says doormargs.tmp not found and then doomargs.tmp not found. I read a post in a forum that said to create a blank file of both .tmps. After that it then said that the Main Wad file wasn't found. I have no idea why it is saying this because the path to the .wad file is correct. It even says the same thing with Doom1 and the path is correct!?!?! Am I doing something wrong? Can someone please help me with these problems?

Thanks a lot,

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I think you need to start off by running Legacy.exe directly, without using the Launcher - this creates the missing doomargs file. You can then use the launcher.

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