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daddy's beatings

DeHackEd question

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Yes, but you'll have to sacrifice some frames to do it.

You need to capture a few, if not several, frames with code pointers and put your BFG frames (and code pointers) in these. After as many loops as you want, you can finally make it die and quit blasting.

Although it already shoots 40 tracers and doing it more than once would be crazy, but good luck. You'll need to find a lot of frames, probably having to get rid of a monster or something. Maybe nazi frames, Keen frames, and PE respawn frames will be good for you.

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Or if you're usin' ZDoom, you could kill all the decorations and put 'em in the DECORATE lump. At least, the word on the street says you can. :)

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thanks. i think im gonna do that. i also used the big explosion at the end boss and replaced animation with the arch vile flames, and used the code pointer for that explosion and used it as the bfg hit. the end result is cool cause whenever someone gets hit from it, a wall of fire appears and it looks like the whole place gets set on fire. i also made the bfg shoot 3 shots at once, adding the code pointers to frames before and after the original bfg firing animation. it came out pretty cool with the graphics i added. im always looking for ways to making things complicated...

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