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ZDoom Mappers w/.acs experience Needed

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You may or may not now that my project and sequel to the Doom64TC, has now become a really big team effort. The Doom64TC team has agreed to stay together after the TC and help me with this, but I'm also recruitting other mappers, as me and Kaiser are the only actual mappers on the TC team :P.

You also probably know, if you've heard of DN by now, that it's for 3 ports (JDoom, ZDoom, and Legacy). I'm holding off on JDoom editing until the TC is released (so people can use the resources accordingly), I have plenty of Legacy mappers, but I'm really lacking in ZDoom mappers right now. So I'm posting here asking for people to please volunteer if you have good .acs scripting skills and can map well at the same time (I guess those two kinda go hand in hand, huh?). So if you're interested or can help at all please post here or PM me :).

If you join up I will be outfitting your with (for editing purposes):

1 Textures Resource Wad (updates may be made in the form of patches)
1 Sprite Wad (ditto)

And of course all of those are Doom64 graphics and resources. So come on and join us! We're having a blast :D

Also incase anyone is interested here is the team so far:

Melfice - Originator, Mapper, Music Gatherer, Resource Gatherer, Sprite Developer
Legacy Maps finished or working on:
Map01: Pinion
Map02: Checm Plant
Map08: Structural Failure
Map13: Cruci-Fiction in Space
Map17: Temple of Malice
Map18: Face of Fear
Map23: Corrupt Altar

ZDoom Maps:
Map01: Pinion
Map02: Chem Plant
Map05: Lower Bunker
Map06: The Morgue
Map10: Synthetic Night
Map12: Pernicious Hollow
Map16: Wrath
Map19: The Dark
Map21: The Great Below
Map22: Temple of Blood
Map24: Diablos

Elbryan42 - Idealist, Sprite Developer

Kaiser\Deathman - Idealist, JDoom Scripting Tutor

Agent Spork - Legacy, Map15: Complications

Palladium - Idealist, Legacy, Map16: Nothingness

Rotting Corpse - Idealist, ZDoom mapper

Mr.Rocket - Legacy, Map09: Eternal Engine02

The Doomer - Mapper (maps undecided)

BLACK - ZDoom, Map20: Citadel of Sorrow, ZDoom, Map09: Eternal Engine01.

Probably more to be added :)

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I'm pretty good with acs scripting.If I join,how many maps do I have to do or put scripting in? Also is their a standard of quality you need the maps presented...like insanly detailed,or just quality?


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One map is much appreciated. More is godly of you.

I'm afraid I won't be working on the ZDoom much anytime soon as last night I just got my nodes builder working so that I can make Doom64 TC Style levels for Dark Nexus (it's only appropriate, since it is the sequel to the Dooma64 TC).

Also possibilities are is that I have alot of maps started 1/4 to 1/2 way done, if you can complete one map from scratch using our resources and a few guidlines (depending on the level), instead of doing more from scratch I might beable to fork over my incomplete/partially done levels to work on :)

As Rotting Corpse said, if you want to get Down In It and help us, then just head over to the Depot and we'll pick you out a map. You won't automatically beable to enter the Damnation Forum (the DN forum), so when you register PM me so I can PM the forum admin and tell him to add you to the user group who can get in the Damnation Forum. Feel free to check out the other forums there aswell :P

Doom Depot Forums

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