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Greetings, fellow DOOMERS. I'm wondering what progz you would suggest for hacking DOOMv1.9. I've never modded before so you could say I'm a n00b @ it.

My older brother used to play the original DOOM when it first came out. He had these two mods he really liked but doesn't know where to get them. The first turned your Rocket Launcher into a black glove that fired spherical plasma-bolts. The other changed all the guns into the guns of another game (can't remember which one).

Thanks for future help.

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dehacked is great for "hack" doom...

but I don't think it work, if you have shareware doom...

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Programs you may find useful:


As for the weapons mods you mention, I've never seen the black glove one you describe. The other gun set could be one of several different things, you'd have to describe it in more detail.

Oh yeah, you can find Doom editing tutorials here: http://www.doomworld.com/tutorials/index.shtml

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