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Question for Up coming Version

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Hello, I was Wondering... In the upcoming version Of ZDoomGL, Would there be integration to set new texutures, Rather then using the Ugly 8bbp Textures that were original with doom? And I would also like to know if the MD2 models would be working in the next version. Last, About How many days will it take for the new version to be out? :):):), Can't wait!

Thanks, Wayne

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Well, ZDoomGL has supported JDoom-style hires textures since 0.7 came out, so hopefully that answers your first question. As for the md2's, I'll be working on those for 0.8, which will hopefully be the version after 0.74, which should hopefully be out in a few days.

Oh, to use the hires textures, you'll need to put them in the textures/<game> directory. So say you get some Doom/Doom2 hires textures and you have ZDoomGL in the directory "C:/ZDoomGL/", you'll copy the textures to "C:/ZDoomGL/textures/doom/". ZDoomGL also supports hires textures for Heretic and Hexen. I have the full texture set from http://switch.to/doom2textures/ and they work fine.

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Hey Man thanks alot, I didn't know zdoomGl supported the textures before... I'm kinda disapointed i didn't know that lol... Oh well , thats what i get for not reading... Well good work with the coding and everything, Take care. Thanks!

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