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What does this mean to you? I found this on my hard drive collecting dust. I must have written it awhile ago, but don't remember when.

They are in charge

distorted Mindscape,
ever some door,
open it w – i – d – e,

Lord only knows,
when the time will come again,
maybe… tomorrow—who knows when,

wasted… Pleasures,
malformed… Images,
haunting ……….They may be,

some are full.
some are empty,
Pleasures we all seek…

God-forsaken Mishaps,
death trap Lies,
careful…..Some may tear out your eyes…

follow your instincts,
don’t follow Them,
never look back,
just look Within,

your body and soul,
deep inside,
cowering from Them,

prepare yourself mortal,
be aware of the future,
the time is coming,
when all will be done.

Through the passage of time,
The gods of Olympia rose,
Through the passage of time,
The gods’ religion fell…
Time went by,
The gods were forgotten,
And so shall it happen to you…..maybe…..

speed is pending,
stopping is often,
Suffering is sure,

stake out your road,
stake it well I say,
don’t forget your name,
your road may be taken…..away…

we don’t get along,
we suffer with each other,
we lie and cheat,
we destroy for revenge,
we slaughter for fun,
we kill the innocent,

millions of lives,
living in the same way,
millions of sufferers living all the same days,

endless are the stars and moon,
doth be the day,
that thy is to slay Amor…

death comes to love some days of the Mind,
Mind over matter,
‘tis time to seek more in this realm you call today…

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