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why in the hell??

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why in the hell is it that compaq does not provide win2k drivers for new laptops. I just installed win2k(i hated there fake windows restore shit) and i found i need video and sound drivers yet i cant find any for win2k. only XP. first off what the hell is with that. I mean they should supply drivers for this common hardware on atleast all windows versions, not just one version they control. I hate that bullshit. It was not the fact that i hated XP but the fact i hated the fact it was not a real full version. just a restore disk loaded with shit and spyware. first off you should have a choice in the OS you want, hell if u want DOS they should give it too you. this is why many computer companies in the US suck ass.

things to consider about computers.
Build your own system. it can be cheaper, but not always, however here you know what you are getting and you can configure things more freely. stay away from pre-built systems

Use base parts from well know makers. try not to get onboard stuff and get boards loaded with features, like many PCI slots and an AGP slot. though onboard sound is alright i warn aginst the video. Also get a good set of fans and a good heat sink

get operating system from a good dealer and get the full version. Aviod upgrades and such. sure upgrades are cheap but they are also cheap, in the bad way. never use restore disks, toss those out and buy a full version.

if u get a prebuilt system dont take there OS, tell them you dont want it unless it is a full boxed version and not an upgrade or restore disk.

i fell sorry for all the suckers who bought a compaq and used the restore disk

on a funny side note, the laptop did not want to even read the win2k disk or boot from it. however i copied the disk and the copy worked fine.

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On my last compaq 350mhz, we bought it from staples, and the restore disk had a serial number we had to put in to make it work.

It never worked.

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my compaq laptop (presarrio 3500 or whatnot) works fine after 5 or 6 full formats. then again, i'm just lucky. and i don't do jack shit with it anyway.

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My old compaq had it's video card soldered into the muddafuggin AGP slot. So when I upgraded my card, I was forced to buy a PCI one.

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I was smart. I built mine from Tiger Direct.

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