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question about the upcoming version

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I mailed timmie awhile ago about this, but then I rambled on and on about what some cool features would be and I guess he got pissed and decided not to reply. Anyways, I was wondering if the opengl problems in multiplayer with bots (and maybe with people, too) would be fixed. In cooperative, whenever I add a bot, I can play the level all the way through, but zdoomgl crashes after the level is completed (only with bots, this is). In software mode, the level plays fine and I can go into the next one with no problems. In deathmatch, when I add some bots, it runs fine for awhile, but then it crashes after about 5 minutes, give or take. Will you consider looking into this, because i'd much rather play coop and deathmatch in opengl mode! (well, who doesn't)?

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Doh, I forgot to check on this since I was working on other things when I got it. I'll check it out before the next release for sure.

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