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dumb bug

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this really doesn't matter much, but there is another opengl problem. when you resize the screen to a size other than your desktop, zdoomgl turns into a window (in fullscreen mode, of course. otherwise it wouldn't be a bug). this doesn't bother anyone i'm sure, but i just thought i should say something, because a lower resolution runs faster.

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Ok, now i'm confused. I got what was acclaimed to be the latest version of zdoomgl. i got it, and it had the bugs i described. then some guy told me that the latest version was .73 and not .77. i got the .73 through the link that he gave me and it DIDN'T have any of the bugs. Everything that i said was a problem isn't anymore! the game doesn't crash in opengl mode when playing bots anymore AND the resolutions work. sorry about that!

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heh, maybe I should start blowing the old versions off the download site (leaving the source, though) when I do releases...

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