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Whats the system, out of interest.
11-?--Green Marine
?-100--Junior Member
Whats the rest?

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0 - Registered Lurker
1 - Registered just to make one post
2 to 9 - Newbie
10 to 29 - Warming Up
30 to 49 - Green Marine
50 to 99 - Mini-Member
100 to 249 - Junior Member
250 to 499 - Member + Custom Avatar
500 to 999 - Forum Regular
1000 to 1999 - Senior Member
2000 to 2999 - Forum Staple
3000 to 3999 - Forum Spammer
4000 to 4999 - Forum Legend
5000 and over - Why don't I have a custom title by now?!
Loser - Banished to the Losers forum. You don't want this title.
Banned - Self-explanatory. You'll want this even less.

There ya go. Might be a tad outdated, I'm not sure. Oh and I stole most of this from BBG.

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